About the Prairie Horticulture Certificate

  • PHC is the first home study horticulture program designed specifically for the Prairie Provinces. It was developed for both professionals working in the horticulture industry and gardening enthusiasts.
  • This program is recognized by the Ministry of Education in the Province of Saskatchewan for the Additional Qualification Certificate (AQC). K to 12 teachers can upgrade their classification with PHC.
  • PHC is an approved training program by the City of Saskatoon for employee career advancement.
  • It is flexibly designed as a part-time program so you can balance work, school and life. Expect to work eight to ten hours per week for a six-credit weight course (.6) & approximately half that for a three-credit weight (.3) course.
  • Instructors are available online, by email or by telephone. Some classes require textbooks. Assignments are submitted online, by fax or by email.
  • Core courses that are required for a particular stream must be successfully completed to receive certification. You may also take courses for personal interest or professional upgrading.
  • This program is collaboratively offered by a consortium of three Western Canadian educational institutions: Assiniboine Community College (Brandon, Manitoba), Olds College (Olds, Alberta) and the University of Saskatchewan. Each consortium partner develops and delivers courses in areas of expertise.


The Saskatoon Horticulture Society

The Saskatoon Horticulture Society $1,000 scholarship is awarded annually. Students are eligible if they are enrolled in the PHC program and have successfully completed at least 2 courses.

To qualify, you must complete the course work within 4 years, be a Saskatchewan resident, volunteer at least 20 hours per year for your local Horticulture Society and complete an essay.

The application deadline is September 30th.  

Please visit the Saskatoon Horticulture Society website for an application form and details.

Garden Writers' Association

The Garden Writers' Association offers scholarships intended as a tuition aid or as an aid in the purchase of textbooks, garden books, and special horticultural projects. Scholarships range from $250 to $2,000.

For more information, go to gardenwriters.org/scholarships and download the scholarship packet.

Admission and Requirements

Step 1: Ensure you meet Requirements

Prairie Horticulture Certificate applicants will only be granted admission to the certificate program only. If you wish to pursue degree-credit studies at the University of Saskatchewan, please visit Recruitment and Admissions.

Admission Deadlines
Term 1: August 15
Term 2: December 1
Term 3: February 15

Regular Admission:

This admission category is for applicants who have completed a minimum of a high school diploma or its equivalent in Saskatchewan. This includes applicants who have attended recognized post-secondary institutions such as colleges and universities. Applicants must submit all high school and, if applicable, post-secondary transcripts along with their applications.

Applicants who have completed General Education Development (GED), Adult Basic Education (ABE), or Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) credentials are not eligible for regular admission to University of Saskatchewan programs.

Probationary Admission:

This category is for applicants who do not qualify for regular admission. Applicants for probationary admission must submit all high school, equivalent (GED, ABE, or ACE) diploma, and, if applicable, post-secondary transcripts and a resumé along with their applications.

Students admitted on a probationary basis are permitted to register in only one course per term. Probationary students who successfully pass two courses with an average mark of 60.0% or better will be deemed to have met the regular admission requirements. Probationary students who do not meet regular admission requirements will be Required to Discontinue from the University of Saskatchewan.

Step 2: Provide Official Transcripts

Official transcripts for all previous high school or post-secondary education must be provided for all applications. Official transcripts are those that are provided to the PHC Program Office directly from educational institutions. Due the potential for tampering, no transcripts are accepted from the applicant.

Applicants to the PHC Program who have previously attended the University of Saskatchewan are not required to provide transcripts unless they have subsequently attended other post-secondary institutions. Previous University of Saskatchewan students must include their student numbers on the application forms.

All applicant transcripts become the sole property of the University of Saskatchewan and will not be duplicated or returned the applicant.

To obtain Saskatchewan high school transcripts, visit Saskatchewan Education and Learning. To obtain high school transcripts from outside of Saskatchewan or post-secondary institutions other than the University of Saskatchewan, contact those institutions directly.

Step 3: Permanent Residency Status

If applicable, applicants must submit high-quality copies of both the front and back of their Permanent Resident Cards. Applicants who are not Canadian citizens and who do not provide proof of residency will be assessed international tuition rates.

Step 4: Complete the Application Form

Download and complete the application form.

Step 5: Pay the Application Fee

Submit the $75.00 application fee payment. Previous applicants to the University of Saskatchewan are not required to pay additional application fees. Previous University of Saskatchewan students must include their student numbers on all forms.

Note: Applications are not considered complete until all components, including application forms, all transcripts, and any supporting documentation, are received by the PHC Program Office. In order to be considered for admission to the PHC Program, completed application packages must be received by the office prior to the application deadline for any given term. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

The PHC Program contacts all applicants to inform them of admission decisions. Please note that admissions decisions may take up to four to six weeks to process. Applicants admitted into the program will receive an official letter of admission and instructions for online class registration.

Please ensure that you read the following guides below for important details regarding your program.


Transfer Credits

The PHC program has provisions for transfer credit for work completed at other educational institutions deemed to be equivalent to PHC courses. A maximum of four courses (50%) may be transferred from other institutions that are not part of the consortium. If you are a University of Saskatchewan student, please download the application form and submit to the PHC Program Office for review. For purposes of transfer credits, official transcripts and comprehensive course outlines must be submitted with the form.

If you are a consortium student, contact your home institution for details. Visit prairiehorticulture.ca for contact information.